7 Dos and Don’ts of Learning a Foreign Language

learning foreign language

Learning a new language is both exciting and challenging. Follow this list of 10 “dos and don’ts”, to ensure your smooth path to learning success.

Motivate yourself!

Find something about a foreign language and culture that motivates you. Cinema, sports, cuisine, travel – whatever. Are you a fan of Tour de France or Barca? Are you a fashionista? Are you curious about escargot sauce or Tuscan picci? Start with something you like and build on your passion.

Learn regularly!

Learning a language is not going to be a fast and easy process. Just like going to a gym, you should not expect to get in shape in a week. Results take time and dedication. And once you achieve them, don’t take them for granted! Learn and practice regularly to maintain your results and keep improving.

Learn actively!

Do not just memorize words and grammatical concepts. Use them in real life situations. Own the language, connect it to real life and start exploring it actively. And, don’t forget to have fun along the way!

Don’t memorize random words!

You will never be able to remember them out of context. Learn entire expressions, use them in real life, practice with native speakers. You will notice how quickly your vocabulary will improve, together with your confidence and speaking ability.

Learn from native speakers!

As much as possible, learn from native speakers. Go to the source. Whether it is a casual conversation in a store or a post office, a language exchange event with local peers, or a game of soccer with the natives, use these opportunities.

Don’t be afraid to make mistakes!

Whether you speak or write in a foreign language, don’t be afraid to make mistakes. Don’t let your fear of being wrong keep you from practicing the language. No one is going to judge you, not even the natives. If anything, it will make for a fun story to tell later.

Set realistic objectives!

Do not expect to memorize a hundred words a day or to become fluent in several months. Make small, steady steps forward and make sure you enjoy the process! One page of new text a day, a dozen new expressions a week, is perfectly sufficient. Make it a part of your routine, stay motivated and have fun!


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