5 Useful Tips to Skyrocket Studying Abroad


Just as a suitcase is full of memorabilia from across the globe, you feel the excitement to starting your study abroad program. How do you consider the maximum potential of your experience? As an organized student, you prepare and plan. Likewise, what are some tips that can make meaningful experiences feel like an adventure of a lifetime?

Making Interpersonal Connections

Traveling to other parts of the world offers the chance to meet different people. While many people come from different backgrounds, that is an opportunity for you to network with other students. Perhaps, you’re studying a field that interacts with others in a different profession.

Build a relationship with those colleagues to learn more about their career choices, contacts, and tasks. Besides, talking with other people gives you a chance to collaborate on projects and learn more about different job duties.  

Exploring Various Cultures

Books, digital media, and videos are fantastic ways to learn about other cultures. Why read it or see it when you can experience it yourself? Studying abroad offers you the pathway to explore different cultures and cuisines. While going to your local restaurant to eat astonishing foreign foods, there is no equal when you experience the authentic meals in the country of origin.

Otherwise, you wouldn’t know what other types of foods are available in other countries. In addition to food, studying abroad gives insight into the artistic part of a foreign country. You might never imagine the in-depth of sculptures, paintings, and museums once you see them in person.

Generating a Positive Mindset

How do you travel the globe to take on a new course of study? Of course, with careful planning and preparation, your study abroad program carries you all the way. What about the drawbacks and possible setbacks? When the possibility to arrive at your designated time, your mixed-up schedule, your unavailable classes, or even a missing luggage can change your whole outlook.

Don’t despair. By creating a positive mindset, you allow yourself to take in the situations in a different perspective. While at home, you might’ve had someone take care of certain circumstances.

However, problems arise that you must handle them yourself. Embrace those possibilities to improve your mindset and build self-confidence you’ll make the right choices.

Achieving Different Learning Styles

Studying abroad is not just about learning other cultures. Studying in a different educational system broadens your perspective to learn differently. Aside from the traditional way of learning with books, paper, and pencil, you might have a whole new way of learning in a new country. From generating digital projects to using more technological tools, a different learning style enlightens your point of views.

Gaining Lifelong Experiences

Whether you’re in the middle of your studies or towards the end, you know you’ve achieved valuable life experiences. Remarkably, these life experiences are different for every student. These adventures are unique to you alone.

What’s more fascinating than keeping these explorations as anecdotes and problem-solving skill sets? Perhaps, in the end, they’ll become ice breakers when you meet your future employer.

What other tips would you share with new students in the program?

8 thoughts on “5 Useful Tips to Skyrocket Studying Abroad

  1. I agree that adjusting one’s mindset BEFORE going abroad is very important! Before heading to Bolivia recently, our team told us to believe in the mantra “okay, good.” When you miss your bus or it comes late, “okay, good,” more time to read or talk to a new friend. When the service you were hoping to do is cancelled or postponed, “okay good,” a chance to think more about why I want to do that or time to spend with a host family or travel. Being flexible and open to all the possibilities that small inconveniences provide is the best way to frame a new experience!

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    1. Sammie, that’s a wonderful mindset to have especially when you’re traveling to other areas of the globe where culture is different. Dealing with situations like a bus is late or when unexpected things happen makes you think twice about other things you could do in the meantime. Thanks for your feedback 🙂

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