Mistakes Most Test Takers Continue to Make in Preparing for Exams


Students seek the magic answer when it comes to preparing for exams. Most students do not realize that they already have the necessary techniques. When preparing for exams, students often lack the motivation and expertise to stay organized. As students become disorganized and unprepared, several significant mistakes happen to sacrifice their grades.


When study materials pile up into insurmountable amounts of new topics, students feel unprepared and unmotivated. Set a time during the week to work out your schedule. While you might consider multitasking a productive way to handle your study time, multiple tasks only decrease your ability to concentrate. Besides, you want to gather the necessary textbooks, worksheets, and study guides to help you better prepare for exams.

Rote Memorization

While there are instances where memorization is key to learning, many times understanding material requires critical thinking skills. Rely on your methods of learning to grasp the way you learn. Just because someone else learns best by listening, it does not mean you also do. Otherwise, you are only going to receive a certain amount and miss other crucial parts of the test material. If there is a topic you do not understand, do not just reread over and over, hoping it will stick in your brain. Seek tutoring help or ask someone else that understands it better.

Cramming Sessions

Your brain is a miraculous organ, but if you feed it last minute, it might not function the way you hope. Take time to schedule brain breaks. Feeling saturated and overwhelmed with information only allows your brain to learn a few pieces and not the whole story. Aside from taking breaks, participating in cramming sessions brings anxiety, panic, and disappointment. Develop study sessions with those students that care about studying as much as they care about graduating.

The Reluctant Learner

Group study sessions with serious students preparing for an exam is just as crucial as becoming an interactive learner. For instance, asking questions about parts you missed, you do not understand, or you lack previous knowledge are all essential aspects of learning. Likewise, becoming an interactive participant in self-testing yourself the material and developing skills to comprehend help you master those concepts. Besides, an interactive learner solves problems and does not disregard them, which carries you throughout life and future career.

Are there any methods of learning that has helped you prepare better for exams? I would love to read what you think. Let me know in the comment section below.

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