How to Get The Most Out of Being HomeSchooled

“Home is where the heart is”, but it has also becomes where students and parents provide a non-traditional setting for learning. Parents and students, alike, have chosen to take part in home-based instruction, but some are still hesitant on wondering if it is the best decision in getting seen by the college of their choosing. Homeschooling is not a new phenomenon and has continued to grow since the 1980’s. According to the National Center for Education Statistics, over 2.5 million students are homeschooled in the United States. Whether accompanied by individual instruction or e-learning supplementation, homeschool is a fantastic alternative and is respected by institutions of higher-learning.

Care for Education

Homeschoolers have been sought after by colleges because they believe that these students and their parents, truly care about their education. Being at home removes the distraction of peers and outside pressures and allows for students to actively work in an environment that makes them their own opponent. While at home, they can truly focus on the subject and material and have the maturity to move at a pace that’s best for them, which is important as schedules are designed to suit the student’s needs perfectly, with the great extent and patient and care for the development of the student, whether it is academically or mentally.

Individuality & Independence

Colleges have reported that homeschoolers entice them through their self-discipline. In order to do well, as a homeschooler, one must maintain their own schedule and adhere to it. For example, e-learning students must make the decisions on when to go from class to class without guidance (teacher or a dismissal bell). They must also check in with their instructors in the same way the college students do. Through individual learning, students build a form of individuality that shows they are comfortable with standing out from amongst the crowd. It also lessen students’ dependence towards their friends once they started college.



Studies have shown that homeschooled students have scored higher on standardized tests than students who attend other forms of schooling. However, there are varying factors as to what attributes to these percentages like family income, parents with college degrees, or two to one parent led households. Homeschoolers are also often represented and perform significantly well in academic contests such as spelling bees, geography bees, and STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) contests.

Extracurricular Interests

It would be a premature assumption to believe that all homeschooled students are reclusive and do not partake in other activities. That is indeed, FALSE! Not only do homeschooled students partake in extracurricular activities, they often are able to do non-traditional activities that are not in other school settings. Homeschoolers have been known to be a part of activities such as acting, competitive gymnastics, equestrian competitions, and show that they have focus and drive to pursue activities outside of the home. Homeschoolers are also welcomed to partake in intramural sports at local schools, as well. Participating in extracurricular activities shows institutions that a student has a certain level of maturity, discipline, drive, and focus.

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