Write for CIESA

Write for CIESA

Want to contribute to the Center for International Education and Study Abroad? Just write an article for the blog and you will become one of CIESA’s contributors. Here are the guest-blogging guidelines:


As the blog’s purpose is to create an informational hub for quality educational content, please choose a topic that will spark interest among students and professionals working in relevant fields. Make sure that your topic belongs at least one of these categories: International Education and Study Abroad, Summer Programs, American and Foreign Universities, College Admissions (SAT, ACT, TOEFL test prep), Europe, Travel, Foreign Cultures, Language Learning, Film, Theater, Performing Arts, Social Sciences, Teen Life.


The article must be unique and must not have been published anywhere else before. However, you are welcome to link this article to your blog or your website. We will proofread your blog post and change the title and pictures, if needed. You will be informed about changes (if any) before the article gets posted. After being published the article belongs to CIESA, is credited to the author and can not be posted anywhere else.

Length and Links

There is no exact length for the articles, but the preferred range is between 400 to 800 words. Make sure to break down your article into paragraphs, subheadings and bullet points (if needed) to make it easier to read. You are encouraged to use no more than 5 external/internal links in your article. The links should be relevant and non self-promotional (link to your website only if it is relevant).

Please make sure to meet all the guidelines mentioned above before submitting the article, otherwise the article may be rejected. Send your articles to contact@ciesa.org in a Word document or Google Docs link. Once we have the article, we will review it and reply within 48 hours.